•  To provide a loving residential environment to the boarding school graduates and disadvantaged youth. The housing will be of a transitional type and will be available to the youth until they complete their studies and are comfortable to live on their own.
  • To provide traditional Catechism classes, to arrange trips to daily Mass, to provide the daily opportunity to participate in the Sacraments, to provide spiritual support and counseling. The Catechism classes will be based on the Baltimore Catechism and on the Catechism of Saint Pius X.
  • To help to discern talents and gifts God has given them and encourage implementation of these talents in their lives; to help them to meet college entry requirements and to pass entrance exams to be accepted to the desired school by providing free private tutoring, to help in the same way throughout their study, and to offer advice for successfully landing a job.
  • To organize and host summer camps. To organize hiking, biking, and ski trips or other recreational activities.
  • To organize and lead vocations pilgrimages to help the teens and young adults to discover their vocation and the state of life to which God calls them: family life, religious life, priesthood, or consecrated life in the world.
  • To implement Catechetical and other learning activities for younger orphans living in state-run boarding schools (English classes, science, help with homework, life skills.)
  • To make pro-life presentations for the local boarding school and trade school students.

(From the Constitutions of the Holy Family Home for Orphanage Graduates and Disadvantaged Young People)