We are a traditional Catholic mission to Ukraine aiming to bring educational, spiritual, and physical support to orphans and disadvantaged youth.

Ukrainian orphans, whose total number is currently about 100,000, age out of the state-run boarding school system without support. Growing in an institutionalized environment does not prepare a child for a transition to an adulthood.  Without guidance, good example, and the means of grace these vulnerable 16-18 year olds often make deadly choices: it is estimated that every second teen commits a crime, every third one becomes addicted to alcohol, every fifth one becomes homeless, every seventh one attempts a suicide, and every second girl is drawn into the sex industry. The Holy Family Home for Orphanage Graduates and Disadvantaged Young People is established to provide a loving residential environment, help in choosing and acquiring a profession, teaching social skills, teaching domestic virtues, teaching household skills, teaching handyman skills, teaching the arts of farming, summer camps, vocations pilgrimages, basic Catholic education, the daily opportunity to participate in the Sacraments of the Church, spiritual counseling and support.

Most of the Ukrainian orphans come from a dysfunctional family and are therefore “social orphans”. This term denotes in Ukrainian language children who have no adults looking after them even though one or both parents are alive. Usually the parents are alcoholics, drug abusers, or simply are not interested in the child. On leaving an orphanage, a girl often becomes pregnant and abandons her newborn child. When that daughter grows up in an orphanage and leaves, she does the same. So, sometimes it happens that a child, a mother, and a grandmother lived in an institutional environment. The spirit of the Holy Family Home Orphanage Graduates and Disadvantaged Young People is “to bring back to the Christian people the example of the Holy Family in Nazareth, and by the restoration of a true spirit of family life in places where it was totally lost, to eliminate, in some measure, the evils of present day society1. We hope to provide the next generation of disadvantaged young people and vulnerable young adults a firm spiritual foundation which will help support them for the rest of their lives.

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1From the Dom Gueranger’s commentary on the institution of the Feast of the Holy Family